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Despite hating winter, i live in Dawson City, a remote, cold, community near the arctic circle in Yukon, Canada (did i mention cold?). I spend most of my time struggling with mental health issues, which i’ve recently started to blame on the capitalist system & overall fucked up world, & this has been going well for me. Oh & i am obsessed with pink.

I mostly make video art, & have recently returned to painting after a 15-year hiatus, which is the best thing ever. My paintings are loud, blundering convergences of pink, text, & naturey-things, & often involve swearing animals for some reason?? Almost everything i make is sweet, beautiful, perfect pink. With rose-coloured glasses i examine society, capitalism, mental health & nature – the sources of all things wondrous & cruel. I’m not entirely sure but suspect that the overarching theme of my work is that the world is fucked, the bees are all dying, & we are all going to burn. or maybe drown. or both. I bid you godspeed.

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