consume repeat #3

Nicole Rayburn, consume repeat #3, 0:13 loop, 2016

This series of short videos explores the notion of repetition through the isolation of specific gestures. The series focuses on animal interactions with their environments, specifically involving activities surrounding consumption.

The visual effects applied to all three videos position them in the realm of a futuristic hyper-reality while simultaneously resonating with the popular culture of low-fi imagery of youtube animal videos and gifs. Using humour and beauty, the videos explore the complex relations between species and the need for survival.

In consume repeat #3, the subtle violence of the exchange between the Pelican and the Pigeon is contrasted with the humorous and persistent method of the Pelican trying to swallow a large, moving entity. Organic gestures are mechanized into a loop, and the movements speak to habit, compulsion, obsession, and absurdity.

Pelican Gif 2

Found Footage: Pelican Eats Pigeon
Audio samples by Freed, Kangaroovindaloo, & Reitanna (

Nicole Rayburn 2016