consume repeat #1

Nicole Rayburn, consume repeat #1, 1:04, 2016

This series of short videos explores the notion of repetition through the isolation of specific gestures. The series focuses on animal interactions with their environments, specifically involving activities surrounding consumption.

consume repeat #1 humorously explores the movements of Great White Egrets as they catch their morning fish, and when they score a particularly juicy catch, their run back to shore. Organic gestures are mechanized through the editing process, and the movements speak to habit, compulsion, obsession, and absurdity.

consume repeat_StillNicole Rayburn, consume repeat #1, Still, 1:04, 2016

Although there is repetition, duration and cumulation deny repeat experiences, and through this emerges the possibility that repetition allows for reinvention (Deleuze).

Audio samples by Klankbeeld, Sailor55, & Markedit (


Nicole Rayburn 2016