The Flood, & Other News

Caribou News: Iceberg Calve, Digital Collage, 2022

A caribou wanders bewildered through the dark forest, encountering a flood of mouths spouting contradictory perspectives on the myriad of issues around water – our most vital and soon to be most devastating resource, as it melts, floods, droughts, is contaminated, bottled, bought, and sold.

whatcha watchin Billy?
Billy’s watching the world fucking burn, Earl.
Billy’s watching the news report about the polar ice caps melting and no one gives a damn, & even if they did no one can do a fuckin thing cause the whole system is driven by boundless corporate greed.
Billy tries to cry but his tears freeze.

‘The Flood & Other News’ series
digital collage + wtf

pinkmilkdrink 2022