The Serpent & The Mouse

The Serpent & The Mouse, 3:32, 2014

The Serpent & The Mouse addresses the understanding of the serpent as inescapably associated to the biblical story of original sin – The Fall – and problematizes the associations of this metaphor. The demonization of the female position in this narrative, namely Eve, who is forever after burdened with the bizarre notions of sole responsibility and eternal implications, is shown to be absurd both through its malleability and its metaphorical construction. The Serpent & The Mouse also shows a mouse being eaten by a snake.

Serpent and the Mouse_Rayburn_Eve is also Tricky

The same footage repeats eight times in various manifestations, playfully using text to complicate the understandings of the imagery, problematize the position of power, and to re-position the serpent with more ‘obvious connotations’.


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