on the sixth night i started to dream in flamingo

on the sixth night I started to dream in flamingo.’ (excerpt)
this is a story about the time i almost became a flamingo
i spent eight days watching them
or maybe we were watching each other
on the sixth night I started to dream in flamingo
after several nights of this I realized I had to leave.
hearing their personal disagreements & family dramas
felt private & weird that I was suddenly listening
it also caused me distress for some reason
that i was becoming flamingo or something
& the repercussions of this were rather unclear.
despite theorizing boundary transgression ad nauseum
i still wasn’t sure if i wanted to be a flamingo
but i’m still quite certain at what transpired there.
& even now I’m anxious it will happen again
1:16, 2022
filmed with support of Yukon College Research Fund

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